Monday, December 29, 2008

SMASHBOX eyeshadows at Nordstrom Rack

For those of you who still love name brand cosmetics, brace yourselves!

Nordstrom Rack carries Smashbox eyeshadows for only $7 rather than the usual $16! The colors are highly pigmented and are about the same size as MAC eyeshadows, so if you're really crafty and have the time on your hands, you can probably pop these little babies and stick them in your MAC eyeshadow palettes and voila! You've got yourself a deal!

There aren't that many colors available at a time... 7 or 8 at most, but we shouldn't be buying more than that at a time anyway, right?

I suggest checking your local Nordstrom Rack right away and getting these bad boys while they last. Good luck! :)

Store: Nordstrom Rack
Price: $7 each

Victoria's Secret Sale... Shhhh!

The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale started and here's a chance to save even MORE!!

  • $10 off $50 purchase
  • $15 off $75 purchase
  • $25 off $100 purchase
Of course, the MORE you BUY... the MORE you SAVE!


Bare Escentuals CLEARANCE at Target

TARGET sells Bare Escentuals! Even better is that their kits are marked down after the holidays!!

Don't expect to see these same deals online... I suggest you visit your nearest TARGET now before these are all gone!

Hopefully the Target near you also have these for the same prices. If not, I'm sorry for yah. Good luck getting yours!!

Bare Escentuals Beyond the Basics Kit

Originally $49.99... now ONLY $24.98 at TARGET Stores (if still available)

Bare Escentuals Crown Jewels Kit

Originally $52... now ONLY $17.48 at TARGET Stores (if still available)
The LIPGLOSS alone is $18... so consider everything else free!

NOTE: As mentioned, you wouldn't get this same price online, so just make a trip to Target today. It MIGHT be worth it. MIGHT.

Online Only Clearance - Old Navy

Any ONLINE shoppers out there? Even if you're not, this is probably a good time to give it a shot! OLD NAVY!!

Might as well stock up on some bikinis while you're at it. Not too early to dream about the sun and plan your summer! ;)

At only $3.99 a piece, when was the last time you can get a bikini for 8 bucks?

I'm sure there are many more colors and patterns! Most of these items are available at the stores too, and you'd be surprised... you might even find better deals than the online deal!

Good luck!

Store: Old Navy
Price: Cheap (Clearance)

Eyeshadows... from Coastal Scents

Tired of paying $14.50 per eyeshadow color from MAC (my beloved)? I highly suggest trying this 88 colors palette from Coastal Scents! From the reviews I've read and all the talk about it, its worth giving a try at only $21.95 for the entire palette! Thats about a quarter per color as opposed to the $14.50 at MAC!

Don't get me wrong... I still love MAC, but I just can't afford it nowadays! If these shadows are truly as great as people say, then I'd be in heaven!

Seems like its out of stock at the moment, but am definitely keeping my eye on it just in case it becomes available again! :)

Interested? Find it here at Coastal Scents !

If you've tried it, please share your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!

Store: Coastal Scents
Price: $21.95

Gap Outlet

The other day, I was at GAP Outlet and found some plain tee's for only $1.97 - $2.97 each! (CLEARANCE Racks ROCK!)

Long sleeved T's at the GAP are usually $16.50... now on sale at regular stores and online for only $7.99! I got mine at the outlet for only $2.97! The deals at the stores and online are already great, but if there's an outlet near you, take full advantage of it! Stock up on the huge range of colors... you can't go wrong with them for layering or wearing alone.

Short sleeved T's are usually $14.50... and right now, they are on sale at their site for only $4.99! Don't be jealous that I got mine for only $1.97 each! :)

The tank tops were only $1.97 at the outlets! They're only a few bucks on sale at the regular stores and online! MANY many uses for them, and we all know it!

I don't know about you, but finding any kind of shirt for less than three bucks feels like Christmas to me!!

Store: GAP Outlet
Price: $1.97-$2.97

Steve & Barry's

Sarah Jessica Parker fans? You knew she had her own line called "Bitten" out, right? People always wondered where they can get these Sex and the City looks... and I happen to know where... only about 10 minutes away from my house at Steve & Barry!

People haven't really heard of Steve & Barry... but think Old Navy with a few celebrity faces tied to the products. Amanda Bynes, and of course... Sarah Jessica Parker are a few whose lines are sold here. The clothes are already reasonably cheap, but Steve & Barry seem to ALWAYS be closing... over and over again. The prices are marked down another 50%... almost all the time!

I don't think that they really have much on their website, but I've gotten MANY things by Bitten from here. Lets see...

Gray "leather" bomber jacket for less than $8 -- shown here in black:

Black blazer for about $8 -- shown here... MINUS the flower:

Yellow flowery dress I wore to L.A. for $8 -- shown here in BLUE:

Brown corduroy bomber jacket for $12
Red down winter jacket for $12
White down winter jacket for $12
... and much more! I'll try to post some pictures later when I get a chance.

But WHO said that you have to spend a lot of money to wear the clothes that A-list celebrities wear? Well... whoever said that can now hush hush! :)

Totally Accessories

Nowadays, its hard to keep up with the newest trends and accessories because they are constantly changing and it isn't so pretty for the wallet.

I have a secret!

Most of my accessories are ones that I get on CLEARANCE from Claire's or ICING! I know that those stores sound really teeny bopperish, but some of them aren't so much and they work! I admit that some of their stuff is overpriced (yes, I'm a cheapy!)... so I don't even look at anything that isn't on clearance! They used to have a section that was 10 items for $5, but during the past couple years, they jacked that price up 100% up to 10 items for $10!! Even so, you can find some great deals here!

I know that I've seen some accessories stores in California that are amazingly cheap for really really cute accessories, but for those of us who don't have those stores available to us, this will suffice!

Yes, I sometimes splurge on earrings that are a whole whoppin' $5 or so before (hahaha... I know that doesn't sound like much, but I'd rather save the $4 for a vanilla latte or something). Sometimes, there really aren't ten cute items all at once, so I would just pick up some headbands or other junk in the clearance bin to make up the full ten required for the deal. The great thing about this is that even if the earrings, necklace, rings, or bracelets break... you wouldn't feel as bad about it breaking (or getting lost) because it only cost you $1 and you can easily save the heartache and time and just pick up a new pair without breaking the bank! :)

AND... if you want to get really crafty, you can turn your earrings or whatever it is that you have broken into something else! With a little bends and twists of the wire and maybe some help from a few pieces from a craft store, you can turn it into your own creation!

Maybe I'll post some pictures of some of the things I've gotten for such a great deal later! :)

Wet Seal - The Deal!

I have an obsession: Fun and colorful panties and bras!

Yes, I have my moments where I splurge on something really nice for special occasions... but I am not going to deny the fact that some of those are boring and blah... always NUDE or BLACK.

For my everyday dailies, I love knowing that I'm walking around with a hot pink bra (like today) under my sweatshirt. No one has to know, but me... and I feel great about it!

Can't afford the $40 bras in every color or pattern, but I'm sure you've got $5 to spare and the thought of saving $35 isn't so bad either, right?

I don't remember the last time I went to the mall with the goal of purchasing cute panties and bras, but if I come across them, then its my lucky day!

A good place for them? Wet Seal!!

And if you really want a NUDE colored one for a toned down day, have no fear... they have those too!

At ONLY $5 a pop... indulge yourselves! (There are more colors and styles of course, just check it out for yourself)

Store: Wet Seal
Price: $5 each (on sale)

And then there are the panties... which are usually reasonably cheap here. Some people don't care for the colorful prints, but I do... I think that they are FUN!

Here are some I saw on the website that are on sale for only 99 cents!! They have a HUGE variety at the stores, much more than what is shown on the website, I'm sure... so just take a trip out there, will yah? And you thought that the 5 panties for $25 was a great deal... and so did I! :P

These are boy shorts (the best for the fun prints, in my opinion)... but there are bikini cuts and thongs available too if thats what your heart desires. :)

Store: Wet Seal
Price: 99 cents (on sale)

Just went to their site and look what I found:

The set is only $5!! I admit the design and pattern isn't really my favorite as a set, but I'd wear the bra alone! I can imagine what the store holds! Ahhhh!

Store: Wet Seal
Price: $5 for complete set (on sale)

After Christmas Sales

This is the best time to SAVE money! Though you wouldn't really be saving any money at the moment, I strongly believe that you will eventually save some bucks if you go out there and really take advantage of the After Christmas Sales and Clearances.


  • Year-round gift sets - the lotions, soaps, and shower gels that all come in those gift sets can be given as gifts year round! Right now, they're probably marked down anywhere from 50%-75% because stores are trying to get ride of them to make room for new seasonal things for Valentines' Day. Therefore, take advantage of it. NOTE: There are many with Christmas themes with green or red bows and all that pretty Christmas stuff. Avoid those... OR you can get crafty and just replace those ribbons and bows with some other colors. People do need to bathe year round! ;)

  • Christmas cards - marked down at least 50% right now and if you are a usual card giver, stock up on them now and keep them in a safe place for next year. Holiday greetings and wishes are still going to be the same... and Santa won't lose five pounds... I promise!

  • Wrapping paper - I know that my family goes through at least ten rolls of wrapping paper each year, and at four bucks a pop... it can rack up a hefty $40 before tax (which is rising, by the way). Stock up on them at less than two bucks each and you'll save twenty bucks by next Christmas! Hey... every dollar counts!

  • Kids' gift sets - You know those little girls' makeup kits? Nothing extravagant, but a few little lipgloss pots shaped in stars and hearts. Before Christmas, each set can easily run up to $20. I found some on Clearance the other day at Target for only $5! They can be given to little girls throughout the year on their birthdays or as a reward for something they've done. Make her feel like a Princess that she really is!

Happy After Christmas Shopping!

Fleece Cupcake Nightshirt

I looooove Pajamas! I've always been a bigger fan of the pajama separate top and bottoms, but I couldn't resist this when I was at Wal-Mart the other day.

Its fleece, so it will definitely keep me warm during the winter nights. What I love about it is that its so simple and easy to throw on. And on top of it all, it has cute little cupcakes all over it (yum) and they had it in my size in FUSCHIA!! (I think it also comes in purple and blue)

The best part? Its on CLEARANCE for only $4!! I don't know how much longer they'd be available since its clearance, so I suggest making a trip to an actual Wal-Mart (or their website) ASAP!!

Sweet Dreams... literally! :)

Store: Wal-Mart
Price: $4 (Clearance)

What A DEAL!!

I've always been a bargain shopper and there's nothing that I love more than getting a good deal!

I like sharing what I find... so I shall! :)

So... SAVE THE MONEY, HONEY... for that cute little top that will look so good on Saturday night! ;)

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