Friday, January 2, 2009

After Christmas Sales


Sale at Pink Mascara Up to 70% OFF

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P.S. So many pretty things there... shiny!!


Save up to 50% on brand name cosmetics & skincare at Discount.

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With THAT many savings... how can you NOT?

Enter the world of Beauty at Boutique

MAC -- Save a few bucks!!

I think most MAC junkies already know this... but if you didn't already know, now you will!

If you save 8 (I believe its still 8) MAC containers (eyeshadow containers, lipstick tubes, eyelash cases), you can bring them to any MAC counter and turn it in for a free lipstick! Its the RECYCLING program. If you go to a MAC store, I believe you can trade it in for a lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow. Good way to save $14 bucks or so!

AND if you didn't already know, MAC has these palettes that you can buy and start buying the palette eyeshadows for. The palette eyeshadows are 4 bucks cheaper than the regular ones... which can really add up if you buy a lot like me. The palette is about $15, and it holds 15 different eyeshadows. So with 15 eyeshadows, you're saving 60 bucks minus 15 bucks for the palette, so you'll save $45 bucks after your palette is filled! Cool, huh?

Also... you can transer your eyeshadows in those regular containers into your palettes... and then recycle those containers for your freebie.

I thought I'd tell that to the MAC lovers who didn't already know. (You'd be surprised by how many people who didn't know this!)

Stay beautiful!

Old Navy... ONLINE ONLY Clearance

SALE will end in 5 days... so hurry and get your savings on!


If you like The Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic, I'm guessing that you're going to like Piperlime also. Piperlime is the shoe division of The Gap!

Great finds... many many cute shoes for under $75!

Can't resist shoes, now can we? ;)



Save up to 70% off merchandise at Banana Republic! Very sophisticated looks at very attractive prices!


Seven and CItizens of Humanity Jeans at

30% to 70% OFF Seven and Citizens of Humanity Jeans at!

I know that there are still some jean lovers out there! Don't pay full retail price for them...
just get them with some discounts and you shouldn't feel so guilty about them! :)

FREE shipping too... whooooot!!


Beautiful Savings... at ULTA!

Save up to 85% on Clearance items!! Look beautiful without having to break the bank... life is good!

Free Shipping over $50

Free Shipping and Free Samples? It just keeps getting better!!

20% OFF one single item!

Try Bare Escentuals for only $15 -- I love Bare Escentuals!!


Resolutions - FULFILLED

How many people's New Years' resolutions was to work out more?

It sure is one of mine!

Check out Target's clearance... gym shorts for only $1.99 and they come in so many different colors!
(Here's two of the colors)

$1.99 for anything is a great deal... but this is even better since it will help you to stick to your resolution. I suggest stocking up on them so that they'd all last throughout 2009!