Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MACY's SAVINGS that not everyone knows about...

Act quick because from what I know, this expires on January 5th, 2009!!

Save 20& off an entire order above $100 (online)!!

  • Step 1. Visit Macys.com
  • Step 2. Shop to your heart's content! (Make sure its at least $100)
  • Step 3. Go to check out
  • Step 4. When prompted, enter promotion code: MACYSMOBILE

Voila! You just saved yourself at least 20 bucks! And much more if you buy more! ;)

Happy Shopping!

Free Perfume, anyone??

It took me exactly two minutes to fill out my information and now, I'm waiting to receive my free sample of LACOSTE Touch of Pink Perfume...

Request for FREE Sample HERE

I know that some may be skeptical that your information will be sold or the sample would not be worth it. Well first of all, the website said that they respect our privacy and wouldn't sell our information (YAY!). And secondly, anything FREE is GREAT. Even if its a small trial sample... it should last you at least a week. (I really hope you don't plan on pouring the whole thing on at once... I really really hope!)

FREE... nothing beats FREE!

Savings at Charlotte and you didn't even know it!!

I almost overlooked this savings because I wouldn't pay $10 for a T-Shirt...



So that $9.99 dress is really $4.99 at checkout... don't be fooled!

SHOP and SAVE! :)

Simple & Urban

As you can probably already tell, I am BIG on simple, solid colored pieces. Simply because I'm cheap and strongly believe that I'll get more wear and use out of them. :)

Here are a few simple pieces I found at UrbanOutfitters.com for incredibly low prices (especially considering where you're getting it from)!

Simple little halter top that WAS $28... but NOW ONLY $7.99
Halter at UrbanOutfitters.com

Simple Black dress that I can think of 84 places I can wear it to.
WAS $38... but NOW ONLY $11.99
Dress at UrbanOutfitters.com

Bikinis GALORE!!

WHERE is the SUN already??

I just counted the bikini separates currently being sold at Target.com, and there are exactly 102 different pieces each at ONLY $3.97!!

NO... I'm NOT lying... go see for yourself!!

Here are only a few random ones I decided to share here. With so many, it took a few minutes to find the ones that matched, but I can guarantee that there is something for everyone there. Mix and Match... IMPROVISE, my friends! Maybe you'll find a great piece that will go perfectly with the top that you lost the bottoms to last summer?

Here's a LINK to where all the bikinis start at $3.74: Target.com Clearance

Happy Shopping, people! :D

BIG, pretty scarf for under 4 bucks!

$3.74 for a faux Pashmina scarf at Target! If you know Pashmina, you know that its incredibly soft and can easily break the bank at around $100 for a Pashmina scarf. Here's a "shawl at Target for only $3.74! Thats cheaper than a venti cup of White Chocolate mocha!!

OKAY... so I admit that you probably wouldn't wear the shawl like homegirl is wearing in this picture,
but maybe you can simply wear it as a big, pretty scarf like this girl below?

NOTE: This is not the product... just a sample of how it can be worn!!

Check it out at Target.com!
(link will bring you straight to it)

Enjoy and maybe you can pick one up for me too? You'll be my favorite person in the whole wide world. Thanks!

DO IT quick before its all gone!!

Is this Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store??

I looooove Wal-Mart!

Sometimes, you can find things that are so incredibly cheap that you forget you're at a regular store... not the Dollar Store!

Check out a few items that are on Clearance at Wal-Mart for ONLY a dollar! Thats right... ONE dollar!

Some basics you can surely put to use when the sun comes out again.

Oh... and don't be afraid to say that you shop at Wal-Mart! Be proud... say it loud! "I SHOP AT Wal-Mart!" Those who don't should feel really silly because they spent about 10 times as much as you did and yes... they probably had to skip out on the movie you were able to afford last weekend! ;)

Revlon Matte Collection Lipstick - FREE

I'll be the first to admit that I am not very good at sending out my rebates.

BUT if you are...

Want a FREE Lipstick??

FREE after Mail-In Rebate at Walgreens

Only $7.99 to begin with... and after two weeks, expect it to be paid for. Hey... $7.99 is a lot... thats at least 3 tops at the GAP Outlet Clearance racks! ;)

Oh thank Heaven!!

EVERYTHING is just $17.95 and under!

SAVE up to 85% of Retail Prices!!

If you're somewhere in California, then consider yourself lucky. For the less fortunate like me, the website will have to suffice. :(

There are TOO many cute things at this place... you'd have to see it
(or the website) to believe it!

Happy Shopping!

Romy ... (and Michelle's High School Reunion)?

Okay who had seen that movie? Funny movie! ANYWAY...

I think the store "Romy" is only in Washington, from what I see on their website.

Before Christmas, I made a trip out to the Tacoma Mall (yes... Tacoma!) and found some great deals there! The clothes were cute... really girly, pretty dresses and some nice tops you can wear to work or for a night out on the town. All of the tops were an extra 50% off! Thats right... ALL of them! And the dresses were two for $36 or something like that. Each dress was ranging from $28-$48... so you would pretty much get a dress for free.

In my opinion, dresses and tops here are of better quality than stores like Forever 21. Its a cute little boutique and not as messy as the bigger, more popular stores either.

Got some dresses for myself and my sister... and also some cute tops for ME! Already wore one of the dresses and two of the tops... and its been less than a week.

So if you're in Washington, have fun at Romy's!!

Note: Their site is a little outdated, but you can imagine how they can be so backed up with so many great deals in so many wonderful little boutiques!

BABY Stuff...

If you have babies in the house or babies you know that you'd like to shop for, then a trip to Toys 'R' Us is what you need. The baby clothes (newborns to 5 years old) are all on clearance and you save an additional 35%-75% more on top of the already discounted price.

Apparently, all babies' clothes are being taken out from Toys 'R' Us and will be available only at Babies 'R' Us, so they're trying to rid what they have now.

Got my nieces and nephews a few outfits each... all under $3 for the entire outfit! No joke! I have the receipt to prove it! :)