Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sky's the limit at The Limited!!

Stopped by the mall today and the sign that read

70% OFF already marked down prices

got me instantly! You can find nice slacks for about $15!! Also some other really cute simple and conservative pieces, but I didn't get a chance to got through everything since the mall was closing. YIKES! Oh... and they have some really cute handbags too!

If you don't get a chance to go to the store, there are some great deals online too! How do you feel about...

Save $25 off your $75 purchase using code 1650

Save $60 off your $150 purchase using code 1723

Save $90 off your $200 purchase using code 1724

Free Cupcake... or PANTIES?

BOTH!! Well, sort of!

Looks like it already started and I am two days behind! Yikes!

Go to Victoria's Secret stores and get your free panties with a purchase of $30! Thats easily a bra... and you can't have enough bras and panties, can you?

P.S. These aren't edible, so don't even try. On second thought... try it!! :D

When Shopping ONLINE is worth it - AEROPOSTALE

Contrary to my last post when I said that I would much rather shop at the stores, there are often times when you can get more bang with your bucks online. Like this for example...

Pretty cute jeans, right? Guess how much you can get them for!?!

** long pause **

$14!! I kid you not! Well, its listed online for $19.99, but...

Aeropostale is still very popular amongst the teenagers (just ask my fifteen year old niece and my 30 year old sister who still thinks she's a teenager!). Honestly though, I wouldn't mind a pair of jeans for $14. There's a HUGE selection of them, hold your horseys for the link!

Starting today and until November 22nd, you can get 30% off all items (excluding clearance)! Just enter promo code FFNOV at checkout and enjoy your savings!

(Wanna go straight for the JEANS?)

And if you're trying to get a head start on Christmas shopping, do so because you get free shipping off purchases $100 or more. How perfect and convenient!

What I suggest (if you have time) is to check out these items at the stores (again, if you have time) and then purchase them online since the deal is online only. (Unless of course, if you find a better deal at the stores -- and in that case, please do share!)

NO -- I don't get commissions for this (how I wish)... just wanted to share what I find with all you wonderful people! :) Just thought I'd put that out there as I'm sure many of you are curious. No, no, no!

Happy shopping!

Oh Old Navy!!

I can always find great deals at Old Navy...! Maybe not the new stuff, but I love coming here for the basics like their tee's and top's... sweat pants to lounge around the house in.

If you haven't been in one lately, then today should be the day. Old Navy always has a huge clearance/sale section that may be a bit of a pain to go through since they have so many things in those sections, but if you really look, you can find some nice treasures!

The other day, I found these for only $2 each... AND... if you put it on a Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic card (even one you already have), you get a 30% off your entire purchase! So really, I got each one for less than $1.50 a piece!

Sure, they aren't the hottest tank tops you have ever seen, but I can easily wear them around the house, to work out (if I ever), or wear them under something for an extra layer (especially since its starting to get nippy... brrr)! I bought four of them and wore all four within the week because they are just so simple and easy to throw on and comfy!

Now, you can find this HERE for $7.99 a piece, but thats a rip off, if you ask me. Some things are worth the drive to the store. Hello? Tanks for a dollar? Must go! I admit... I rarely buy things online because I love to touch/feel the items before buying them. Old Navy almost always has better deals at the stores anyway.

Starting today, take an ADDITIONAL 50% off already marked down clearance items!!
(in store)

Hope you find some great deals like I did!