Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Go Golden 24 Hour Sale -- TRAVEL!

Virgin America is giving you an offer you can't refuse! BUT... its only for 24 hours and has to be booked by TONIGHT!!

Flights starting at $39 each way! Check it!!

Details HERE (not on the website, I believe... top secret, right? hehe)

Courtesy of Yacky!!! Thanks woman!

Save $25 NOW!!

Save $25 off your $100 purchase at!

If you're anything like me, $100 is not hard to spend and $25 is not easy to save.

Use code GIFTS25 to at from now until next Wednesday for some good savings and things that make you even more gorgeous than you already are! ;)

Fall 25% less expensive into the Gap!

Online shoppers... its your lucky day!

I love the GAP for its simplicity, conservative and timeless pieces. You can find something for everybody on your Christmas shopping list here.

If the image is hard to see for you (I know some may be browsing from their phones), let me help you out a bit more.

Limited Time Only! 25% off your entire purchase at the Gap. Exclusively online. Applies to regularly priced merchandise only. Enter code GIFT123 at checkout.

Fall into the Gap!

Free Tote with a purchase of $49.50

Thats right... you heard me!

If you're going to buy something, might as well buy something that gives you a little extra, right?

CLINIQUE is giving away this silver tote with any purchase of $49.50 or more. Honestly, you'd probably pay the same price for a work bag or a laptop bag. I'm sure that this will fit your cute laptop, folders, or anything that you may need to bring with you on the go!

Check out the picture of it here (its cute, I promise!) and do some shopping and earn yourself this free gift now at:

And if you decide to wrap up this tote and give it to someone for Christmas, I'm sure that they'd be thrilled and don't worry... I won't tell them that you got it for free! ;)

One Day ONLY at Macy's!

Usually when we get coupons, they don't apply to SALES or CLEARANCE items, right? Ugh... and it makes me so mad because that basically tells me that the coupon doesn't apply to my purchases! :(

Macy's is offering $10 OFF a $25 purchase of SALE or CLEARANCE items!! (If you do the math, thats pretty much an extra 40% off your $25 sale purchase... whoa!!) The catch is that the purchase has to be made by today at 1pm!! (Okay, so this started since yesterday, but I just got into the money saving and shopping mood today)

Hopefully you will have time to get to Macy's this morning and take advantage of this offer because it doesn't happen often.

OH... and don't forget to print out this COUPON !!

Happy SAVING, SHOPPING, and SPEEDING! (JK on the speeding part!)

Back in this thing... 40% off CLEARANCE items!

Its been awhile, but with the holidays around the corner, I'm itching to find new deals and I'd feel too guilty not to share. So... here we go!!

Save 40% off on top of already on sale items at Wet Seal!!

Wet Seal Clearance -- With ONLY a few hours left to the sale!

Online only - Discount applied at checkout - Limited time offer

So HURRY and good luck catching those deals! :D

This clutch for only 10 bucks? YEAH buddy!!